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Also known as the tree chilli, C. pubescens is native to the high altitudes of South America. There are two very characteristic features that distinguish it from other chilies. Firstly, the hairiness of all parts of the plant and the formation of dark seeds (brown to black), which have not yet been clearly explained. There is also still no clear evidence of a wild form. The flowers are light to dark purple.

Although often described as hardy, these plants should be protected from frost. My experience contradicts the claims of winter hardiness. All my plants that were exposed to sub-zero temperatures froze to death.

The rather long vegetation period makes cultivation difficult in our latitudes. If you have the possibility of frost-free overwintering, you can cultivate these plants for several years. The yield is also generally much higher from the second year onwards.

They should be grown outdoors, as the plants need the different day and night temperatures to grow. My attempts in the GWH failed miserably. This also explains why the Rocoto is not cultivated in the main growing areas in the south of the USA.

Another difference to other chilies are the thick-walled fruits. This means that drying is only possible with relatively great effort. However, the powder made from dried fruits is very good and aromatic.


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FotoseiteMany theories of photography, as there is still no unified and comprehensive 'theory of photography' is still lacking. In photographic practice, the desired pictorial message is increasingly determined by the by the appropriate photographic techniques.

KlivienseiteClivia, also known as strapleaf, has a long history in Europe. Originally from South Africa, it was named Clivia after a botanical revision by Lady Charlotte Florentine Clive, the Duchess of Northumberland.

Brugmansien, EngelstrompetenAngel's Trumpets (Brugmansia) are a genus of plants in the nightshade family. They are native to South America, but have been widely cultivated for their showy flowers.

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